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The Best Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Lunch

Our Home Country

Jamaica is the land of “Sea, Sand and Sun” but how many of us know it as the land of the “Best KFC in the World?” Well, I have known it for years now, but it has always been just something my family and I share, having had KFC in many countries from Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Caribbean and even the Pacific!

Bucket list

There are three “Must Haves” for us when we visit a country, we must have the local beer, we must buy a painting and at the request of our son, WE MUST HAVE LOCAL KFC!

Disappointment & Expectations

On so many of those occasions that we have had KFC outside of Jamaica, we have had to dispose of it.

Jamaica has the Best KFC

None compared to Jamaican KFC …the truly “finger licking good” experience. Recently, while watching, CP24 (a Canadian based TV station) Breakfast Show I discovered that others feel the same as us. Kayla Williams, one of anchors, convincingly commented on how good Jamaican KFC was?  She was passionate about it! The question was asked on a popular social media channel “Has anyone tried KFC in Jamaica, how was your experience?” Within seconds 50 comments came in:

“Loved it”

“My Canadian family only eats KFC when they are in Jamaica it’s a must stop for them.”

“Taste best in the world”

“The best around the world”

Sharing the Jamaica experience

It seems this is a trending thought! Could it be that the local Jamaican stock of chicken carry a more pleasant flavor? Is the secret in the Jamaica varieties of seasonings used?  Or is just the special touch that Jamaican chefs add to the Colonel’s secret recipe? You be the judge, what are your thoughts?  I guess you need to have the Jamaican KFC experience first!

We found the perfect tour in Ocho Rios, Jamaica that include lunch at KFC.

Jamaican KFC Lunch and Irie Blue Hole Adventure Tour from Ocho Rios

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