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15 Things You Should do Before You Go on a Jamaican Vacation!

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Pre-Vacation Checklist.

Vacations are a great way to rejuvenate and recharge oneself from the daily grind of life. However, if you’ve been putting off a vacation for a long time, there are some things you should do before you head out the door. Here are 15 things you should do before leaving on an overdue vacation:

  1. Plan your itinerary: Plan your vacation ahead of time. Decide where you want to go and what you want to do. This will help you make the most of your vacation.
  2. Book your accommodation: Once you have decided on your destination, book your accommodation in advance. This will ensure that you have a place to stay and avoid last-minute hassles.

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  3. Research local attractions: Research local attractions, events, and activities in the area you’re visiting. This will help you plan your itinerary and make the most of your time.
  4. Check the weather: Check the weather forecast for your destination so that you can pack accordingly. This will help you avoid being caught off guard by unexpected weather conditions.
  5. Notify your bank: Notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be traveling. This will help prevent any hold on your account due to suspicious activity.
  6. Get a travel rescue plan: Consider getting a travel rescue plan. This will provide coverage for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your vacation.
  7. Renew your passport: Make sure your passport is valid and has not expired. Renew it if necessary well ahead of your trip.
  8. Take care of your home: Make sure your home is secure and safe while you’re away. Unplug unnecessary electronics and appliances, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on things and have the necessary arrangements made for pets if you have any.
  9. Pack smart: Pack smart and pack light. Make a list of things you will need to carry and stick to it.
  10. Keep important documents handy: Keep important documents such as your passport, travel itinerary, and travel insurance policy in a safe place. This will help you access them quickly if needed.
  11. Charge all devices: Charge all your devices including phones, cameras, and laptops. Carry chargers, power banks, and adapters as per need.
  12. Make a backup: Make a backup of all important documents and store them online or on a secure device. This will help you access them in case of any loss or theft.
  13. Inform your colleagues: Inform your colleagues about your absence and delegate your work to someone reliable. This will help you avoid any work-related stress while on vacation.
  14. Arrange for transportation: Arrange for transportation to and from the airport, your accommodation and to any activities or events planned.

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  15. Set an email autoresponder: Set an email autoresponder that lets people know you’re out of the office and when you’ll be back. This will help you manage expectations and prevent any work-related interruptions.

In conclusion, an overdue vacation is an opportunity to unwind and recharge your batteries. By following these 15 steps, you can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable vacation, with little to no worries about unfinished business at home or at work. Happy vacationing!

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